farewell gift for coworker socks by undsptdla

The Perfect Farewell Gift

We want to take the time to point out how meaningful these "Farewell Gift Socks" have become. 

Our intention when creating them was to give people a way to show their appreciation and gratitude at work for a fellow co-worker or boss that is leaving.

At first, we didn't see much activity but then it slowly began to gain traction. The most common reason people buy our Farewell Socks is when a co-worker is leaving but surprisingly enough, we get a lot of orders where a boss or manager is leaving as well and their employees get together to gift them a pair with all their faces on them. It is so fulfilling for us to make each one of these farewell socks for various companies because we get a glimpse inside the strong bond we build with our colleagues at work. We truly are in the trenches with our co-workers day in and day our and so we are so happy so see how our Farewell Socks serve as a memorable token that can be gifted to a special colleague or boss that is embarking on a new adventure.

Take a look at our Farewell Socks here and let us know what you think about them!


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